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Diabetic foot wounds impact over 2 million people

We have developed non-invasive methods to visualize wound conditions and prevent them.

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Issues With Current Technology



Current methods used for diagnosis only see the surface of the wound, not what's going on within the wound bed.


Key Issues

Tracking the wound healing is a manually intensive process, with the examination being subjective and inaccurate.



USA Economic cost of $245 Billion/yr, 20% of diabetic foot infections result in amputation and 40% ulcer recurrence within one year.

Eden Medical provides innovative healthcare solutions for diabetic care, wound healing, wearables, and mobile health. Key examples include the Smart Moisture and Exudate Mapping System, the Seal-Sealing Therapy Ostomy Pouch, and the Infrared Eyes mobile imager for diabetic foot wound healing and prevention.

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