We are developing a mobile health imager solution to predict wound healing and ulcer recurrence

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Mobile Health

Thermal imaging processing uses far infrared light waves(9-15 micrometers) to provide a view inside living tissue. Our thermal sensitivity is 0.02-0.03 degrees C (x50-x75 over human touch).

Key Features

-Powerful AI Engine: Jetson Nano

-128 Core Maxwell 64 bit Architecture

-Quad-Core ARM A57 CPU with 1.43 GHz (472 GLOPS)

-Machine Learning Algorithms

-Two-Modality Solution:

Thermal (640x480) and Visual (8 Megapixel)

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Wound Healing Index

Isotherm Analysis Determines a Course of Healing

Plantar Wound Ulcer
Region of Interest(ROI) Analysis

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