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Eden Medical News

At Eden Medical we have been developing a number of innovative technologies for the wound care marketplace. Check out of some of the most our most recent publications and videos.

Recent Research

New Wound Healing patent(US 11,195,281)-  issued on December 7, 2021- A novel method for determining healing progress of a tissue disease state includes receiving a thermal image of a target wound area from a thermal imaging system, processing the thermal image to construct an isotherm map of at least one selected area, determining a thermal index value from the isotherm map, correlating the wound thermal index value with a reference thermal index value representative of an injury-free state. See Patent ID and DfCon '19 Poster Paper.

Latino Infrared Image2.071520.png

World's First Disposable Medical Pump-EdenPump

The EdenPump (US Patent 9,046,085) is a  body worn medical pump(16 mm diameter) which operates using a polymer muscle. It's applications include wound irrigation, subcutaneous injection, and wound therapy. It has been clinically proven for medical sealant delivery for a skin barrier product.

See More Info- in-house bench-test video(dispensing medical grade sealant) 

Pipetting Samples

Home Care Ulcer Risk Assessment

Eden Medical is developing an innovative smart foot mat to predict the occurrence of new and recurring diabetic foot ulcers. Complications of diabetes that affect the lower extremities are common, complex, and costly. Those who have recently healed from a DFU are especially likely to suffer re-ulceration. The Smart Mat concept  is a remote wireless foot monitoring system being developed for daily home use to assess ulceration risk. The Smart Mat poster was presented at DfCon '21 in October 2021 (see More Info).


Commercialization Accelerator Program(CAP) Grant

Eden Medical was recently selected for 2019-2020 Commercialization Accelerator Program (CAP) by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) SBIR (Small Business Innovation Research) program office. This award is following our $1.5 M Phase 2 SBIR funded grant from the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases (NIDDK) for the development of the Infrared Eyes (iREyes) imaging system. The selection for this program highlights the commercial value and clinical significance for Artificial Intelligence (AI) guided thermal imaging and its potential to assess ulcer recurrence and provide ulcer-free days. This highly competitive CAP NIH program will help us strengthen our commercialization plan and business model, and engage with both industry partners and investors.

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