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Launch of New Website

Today, we are launching our new website. We are excited to share our story of being passionate about providing innovative healthcare solutions for patients battling with wounds that do not heal and have recurrence issues. We have developed a number of multi-modality solutions to address the issue involving wearables, imaging solutions and informatics. This website summarizes some of our technology to focus on providing help to the patient for assessing the healing process, skin breakdown, potential for ulcer recurrence, and providing ulcer-free days.

Thank for viewing our site. Please use our Blog feature to share your story and needs, by signing up to the website, and we will provide feedback. You can also reach us by email or phone. See our contact page for more info.

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New website launch

We are excited to launch our new website today. We have our story of innovations for woundcare, wearables, and mobile health. Our passion is to provide innovative solutions for the healthcare marketpl


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